Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Quest

Ok, with too much on my plate already, why start a blog?

I wanted a place to collect some online essays, to report progress on several projects, to solicit feedback and suggestions about project designs and techniques, and to share tips and suggestions for others who may find themselves on a similar quest.

So what is the Dragon? In The Right Stuff Chuck Yaeger speaks about a dragon that lives in the air. To him the dragon was the sound barrier. For me the Dragon represents several things, all related to my study of medieval history. It is Prowess and Craftsmanship and Authenticity and Knowledge and Franchise. It is Largesse and Loyalty and Comradery. It the sum of all good things that I seek to achieve within the context of a game that is also both a hobby and a lifestyle.

But on a deeper level, the Dragon is my own weakness, a set of virtues in which I often fall painfully short. It is Dilligence and Patience, Consideration and Empathy. The Quest is a quest for self-improvement that reaches into every part of my life, my relationships, and my work.

I am not questing against the Dragon. I do not seek to defeat him. I seek to come to grips with him, to tame him, and to ride him off into the future.

(There, is that broad and grandiose enough for a first post?)

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