Friday, March 2, 2012

Test Camp for War

Two roman wall tents, both new this year, alike in dignity, in height, in width, but not in side wall height.  The yellow tent has taller 5' walls and split corners so that it can be used tourney-side or for an open sitting area in camp.  We used a 10' shade fly between the two tents for designated kitchen space.
 The white tent or master bedroom is 10x12 and can support our personal banners along the sides.
 It has cloth "rugs" for the floor space and room for a full-size rope bed with straw tick, represented here by our new duvet just to show the layout.  Camp-packing bins get covered and used as end tables while clothes-packing bins go under the bed in this arrangement.
The yellow tent has a curtain to separate Belle's bedroom from the public space.
The overall camp is looking good and this test run let us see what additional poles and ropes we  want to prepare before War.

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