Thursday, August 23, 2012

8-16 and 8-24...Shop productivity continues

On August 16th we had a sizeable crew for spaghetti followed by Graine' assembling her first latigo vambrace with aluminum splints, Cameron making splints for his vambraces,Wolf working on his helm liner, Graine's friend whose name I've forgotten discussed armour plans, Deidre added many more rivets to her helm, Wyllow dyed her weaving samples, Belle worked on  documentation for her bardic entry for Laurel's prize, and several others worked on other projects.  I've lost track partly because I didn't ever bring out my camera and get pictures, so I have nothing to jar my memory.

Jackie and Gunna and Evie and Artorius all sang songs well into the evening with various others joining in as other projects allowed.  That was a first for Open Shop night and a very pleasant change of pace.  This was also Artorius' last Open Shop before he returns to UT Arlington for the  fall semester.

On August 23rd I took pictures!

Wylow made a delicious potato-leek-cabbage soup, and Deidre added some cheese biscuits and garlic lumpy bread.  Evie and Gunna and Abby brought cinnamon rolls to bake.

It was Abby's birthday so I gave her a set of pre-cut pieces for aluminum gauntlets and elbow cops.  One of the cops was already dished and she got a start on the second. Later on she and everyone else helped Belle with taste testing some throat-soothing drinks with rosemary, lemon, honey and other ingredients.

Meanwhile Gunna and Evie finished in the kitchen and come out to the livingroom to...plot a coup d'etat? Or maybe just read Facebook.
Colin evaded the camera but he stopped by to get some leather gluing advice and to drop off a generous donation of used and unused armour bits.

Troy came to his fist Open Shop night and completed an armour plan for a late 14th century knightly-class man at arms from southern Germany/northern Italy.  He then cut out several plates for his Wisby-style coat of plates.  I had some donated steel knees and elbows in the shop that would both fit him and be suitable for his portrayal, so I gave them to him.  It was his lucky night!

 Troy's mom dropped in to see what we were up to.  She is originally from Argentina and has childhood memories of carding and spinning wool on her grandfather's ranch.  Wyllow showed her some of the projects she has been working on. Then Wyllow got back to work preparing her display for Laurel's Prize Tourney.
Frosti stopped by to show us his new tunic and visit with folks.

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