Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Here we go again

Another fall tourney season begins soon and once again I am working with several new fighters to get them armoured. If I can get Patrick, Russel, Cameron, Abby, Morgan, Diedre and Christian all armoured and on the field in time for War of Ages in November, that would be great! If THEY make it a priority and work at it, I'm sure we'll get there. I've posted some of my patterns to Facebook recently but I'll incude them here too:

Simple gambesons, one size fits many. Assembled from layers of linen, batting, and more linen. Quilt, cut out, then turn in and top stitch edges, sew shoulders together, and you are done.

The pattern picture is laid out flat. Once assembled the garment crosses over in front like a bath robe. Or a mongol del...that's it...a manly, warrior-like mongol del, looking nothing at all like a bathrobe. :)

Ok, for the measurements the hem should be about 1.5 times your size at the hips. Allow for an inch or two of overlap at the shoulders, which means the shoulder-to-waist and armhole need to be an inch longer than you would think. But nothing is really precise in this garment, that's why it works for lots of different people.

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