Friday, October 28, 2011

Armour night!

We had a great turnout for armouring last night with Kansuke, Chris, Jeanne-Marie, Wolf (right-handed Horde archer, not the left-handed Thunder swordsman) and Nora working on various projects. Jeanne-Marie la Verriere made aluminum splints for her gamboised cuises, Kansuke worked on aluminum gauntlets, Chris cut out and edged a birch plywood shield and Wolf wrote up an armour plan and did most of the dishing on his first elbow cop. Nora is looking at an 11th century personna associated with one of the Celtic monasteries where illuminated manuscripts were produced. I worked on a loaner-armour coat of plates and a shield for somebody who just can't seem to make it to armour shop.  Oh yes, and I also made a double batch of Barley porridge which was enjoyed by all. :)
Armour nights have been happening nearly every Thursday lately.  I'm trying to remember to take pictures and post them, but I'm usually running around like a ringmaster in a 3-ring circus so I often forget.
Do YOU have your armour ready for the fall melee season?

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