Friday, January 27, 2012

Another Thursday, another Open Shop

I got an early start on dishing some leather so that it would be ready for dying later.
Note the high-tech method I used to curve out the tab on the top of the foot.  I also hit it with a hammer a few times.
 Wendy made some excellent Cornish game hens using a Roman recipe and modifying it a bit for the ingredients we had on hand.  The extra juice and roast garlic were both good on sourdough toast.

 Maggie started new vambraces and rerbraces.  She managed to customize the patterns, lay them out, cut them out, bevel and burnish the edges, and shape them with a little dishing.  Next they'll get a glue soak and baking.
We finished the baking on Friday, added an 18gauge stainless steel splint to each vambrace, added straps and assembled the arm armour by tying both pieces to a plastic elbow cop.  Done!

 Wolf baked his vambraces last week, so we marked and drilled holes for rivets and points, pointed on the elbow cops, and riveted on the straps and buckles.  Ready to pad and wear!

 I dyed the greaves with "Oxblood" dye from Fiebings, using a sponge-brush and latex gloves.

...and that was enough for one night!

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