Monday, February 20, 2012

Getting ready for Gulf War

Just 3 people came to open shop this week.  Nora customized some artwork from the Book of Kells and started to wood-burn it onto one of the dye shelves that I have been working on.
Wolf arrived late but we still managed to cut out a pair of aluminum knees and get the first one dished.
Khutulun arived even later but we discussed her plans for a Mongol-inspired gorget and other pieces for her Theatrical Armour class.  After due consideration we agreed that making mountain-pattern Chinese scales fit on a gorget was probably a bit extreme for this project.  Concentric rows of staggered scales are a better choice.
Wyllow used fabric from our stockpile to make a duvet-cover for the new duvet that will go on our rope-bed with the straw tick at Gulf War.

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