Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gulf War!

Since last we met our heroes...Gulf War happened!  A few highlights:
The War Company performed magnificently in the Town, Ravine, Bridge, Field and Castle battles.  Many pictures are available on Facebook and in Ursus Gallery.   What I do not have is a picture of King Aaron awarding the Kingdom War Banner to the Bryn Gwlad War Company, which was the culmination of a fun-filled week.    

Other highlights include being chosen for one of the Unbelted Champions fights:

No, my opponent was not named Goliath...he is Danial von Hessen from Trimaris.

And fighting in the 14th century Deed of Arms:

My 14th century armour includes a sugarloaf helm with mail coif, blackened mail shirt, hardened leather curie breast and back plates, hardened leather arms and shynbalds and gamboised cuises.  The green linen surcoat is unadorned like most of the contemporary ones in the Codex Manessa or the Romance of Alexander.

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