Friday, April 27, 2012

Open Shop, 4-12, 19 and 26

It has been a few weeks, but we have been hosting Open Shop Night every Thursday.  Here Abby shows her new brigandine gorget in progress.

 Belle's friend Nora tried her hand at repousse with minimal instruction (I taught her all I know...)

Wolf added a stainless steel reinforcement to the front of his hardened leather gorget, attached lamellar scales to the back and glued in a sheepskin lining.

 Then we marked and cut some blue barrel plastic scales for his hidden lamellar armour.
 Belle painted a scroll with guash, an egg-based paint using period pigments.
 Nora sketched a couple of wolfhounds for me to use in future heraldry projects...
 ...and I made myself a new roping tool for embossing leather.
 Wolf cut his barrel plastic into lames this week, so tonight he could drill them.  He held each stack of lames together with blocks and clamps and then drilled the whole stack at once.  Note:  people who make progress on their armour BETWEEN open shop nights get done sooner!
 Morgan worked on some lightweight kneecops for her theatrical armouring class.  Tonight she got to dish, planish, and use both the wire wheel and the buffer!
 I'm having trouble with armour-moths.  Either that or the cords are wearing out on my lamellar armour.  I suppose it is 6 years old now.
 Nora tried her hand at an original illuminated capital, a B for Belle.
Abby and Gunna managed to avoid the camera this week but they were here, enjoyed some stewed chicken over rice, assembled a loom, made a pattern for gamboised cuisses, and cut out the linen for the cuises.

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