Sunday, May 6, 2012

Period food night

 Wyllow prepared 4 game hens using/adapting a Roman recipe for roast hens in "green sauce".  She told me many more details about ingredients and methods and adaptations for missing ingredients like green nard, but what I remember is that they tasted exotic and delicious.

And Wyllow served up the hens elegantly on a platter.
 Deidre brought a middle-eastern dish of rice and lentils and...other things.  What things?  You'll have to ask her.

Belle and her friend Josh worked on a Rube Goldberg device for physics class, resulting in intermittent crashing sounds and exclamations throughout the evening.

In other news, Wolf finished shaping his lamellar scales so we worked out a lacing pattern/plan and he is busily assembling them.  Abby rounded the corners of all the metal bits for her brigandine gorget and we discussed design ideas for the remaining parts.  Gunna warped her loom with blue thread for a new project. Khutulun brought her stage-armour elbows and knees over and we worked together to dish the last elbow, planish all of them and drill holes for strapping/attaching them.  Deidre peened more rivits in her Valsgarde 6 helm.

Sage came over with his dad and little brother.  All seemed fascinated with what we do so we will see how many of his family decide to get involved.  Sage seems inclined towards 15th cent. Italian renaisance for clothing and armour.  It would be great to see someone do boffer in a hardened leather King Renee suit...and then he could easily upgrade it for adult combat in about 3 years.

And that was enough for one night!

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