Sunday, July 22, 2012

Open Shop 6/28/2012

 This was Linden's first visit to Open Shop night, and she made an awesome linen tunic for her son.  In the foreground Colin is working on his new gorget.
 Speaking of gorget's, here is the start of a new fencing gorget that I am tooling for Wyllow so that she can dye using authentic medieval techniques.  Some indigo may be harmed in this process.
 Gunna, Diedre, Nora and Evie all pursue various projects in the kitchen.
 Frosti contemplates whether his hardened-leather half gauntlet will protect his thumb.
 Josh contemplates whether he can cut out his leather gorget without cutting his thumb.  He is using a hook knife that makes leather cutting easy as long as it is REALLY sharp.  They seem to get dull quickly and need frequent blade changes, but they work great until then.
 Evie says "Come to Open Shop...we have cookies!"
 Josh holds up several in-progress projects while sitting next to my helm (in-progress since 2009).  Dishing knee and elbow cops out of aluminum can be tiring and hot work this time of year, so many of the guys like to alternate dishing with leather work or some other indoor activity.
 Speaking of indoor activities, Belle found time for some reading while, in the background, Wyllow and Linden discuss dress patterns and Jenna plays in the livingroom.
Colin bevels the edges of his soon-to-be new gorget while Ben and Wolf look on.  Josh continues to cut his gorget out of the side of leather.

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