Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Boston trip

Dear Open Shop fans,

I'm sorry I missed open shop night on 6/14, but I had to go to Boston on business.  So I stayed over an extra day to visit the Higgins armoury museum!

 I took this picture of rowers on the Charles river from my hotel room window, just to prove I was really there.
 At the Higgins I looked at tournament helms...with bar grills!

 And also a nice anime armour.
 This winged spearhead caught my eye.  This is the kind of original that my rattan "glaive" represents.

 Here's another example.

 I'm thinking about making a pot helm or zieschagge for rapier and cut-and-thrust, so I took some pictures of this example.

 Here is a fine specimen of what I would call a brigandine.  Totally unlike what King Rene' calls a brigandine.

 This almain rivet is a great addition to any 16th century armour.  Perfect for cross-over rapier fighters on the armoured field.

This roman medusa medalion would be a great model to use for a repouse' shield boss.

 Slot-rivet articulation in the pauldron.
 A selection of anvils and armouring tools.

...and an armoured Pug just for Her Majesty.

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