Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Open shop on 6/7/2012 started off delicious and just got better from there.

Wyllow made beef rolls and a special Roman juniper pepper sauce with de frutum.  She made two varieties:  with and without mustard.  Deidre also brought a middle-eastern chick-pea dish to share.

I made savory Roman turnips with fish sauce and hing.

Willow also made  African honey apples from another Apicius recipe.

 Gunna made savory toasted cheese (Cheese Goo!) to serve in bread bowls.
 Grain'e made some delicious beer bread.
 Link and Josh worked on knee cops and half gauntlets, while their friend (name forgotten, sorry!) fixed up some old armour pieces.
 Julia consulted with Wyllow on personna development and seems to be headed in a Varangian/Rus/Byzantine direction.  Here are some useful links for would-be Varangians: 

 Deidra showed us her new underdress and made progress on her helm.
 Evie and Gunna relaxed after much cheese-gooing.
 Wolf finished lacing his body armour.  Now he just needs straps.
And Abby made progress on her gorget!

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