Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Leatherworkers+Open shop=FUN!

 The leatherworker's Guild (Local 484) was out in force to hear a preview of my class on 15th cent. hardened leather tournament armour, and provide some comments on the handout.
 James and his father Jim came to start work on an armour plan.
 Maria brought some cordials to sample/share.  I like the raspbery/blueberry!
 Daniel finished up one elbow and started the rest of his cops!
 Ben consulted with Master Jovian.
 Abby was busy with Real Life stuff but we were still glad to have her come by and visit.
 Master Jovian uses the world's most awesome 6-board chest to haul his projects around.
 Nora sewed trim on her under-tunic to get ready for King's College.
 Wyllow allows Maria a rare glimpse of The Linen Stash.
Johanna models a leather eye-patch, tankard, and re-sized boot to prove she was busy at the Guild meeting...or that she is a pirate.  We're not sure which.
 Ben shows his splinted vambrace disguised as a sleeve.
 Toner patiently holds the spool of thread.
 Frosti's new half-gauntlet is fresh out of the oven.
...And I found some time to work on the hinges for my new helm's cheek-plates.

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