Friday, June 1, 2012

Open Shop 5-24-2012

Abby got off to a good start by smoothing the edges of the aluminum plates for her gorget using a belt sander.  Later on she curved and slightly dished the plates using a stump and a hammer.
 Diedre has finished the top of her helm and is starting on the back slats.

Ben re-strapped his shield and did some planning work for his coat of plates.
 Evie and Gunna looked through reference materials and planned Evie's next new outfit.
 Helen is such a pro, she can do applique with her eyes closed!  Not really.  Later she worked on some embroidery why loaning her sewing machine to Jovian...

 ...who sewed some leather pouches.
 Wolf kept after his lamellar lacing project.
 Nora helped Belle dye the ends of her hair blue.  We are not sure why and we are afraid to ask.

 Diedre also helped Wyllow with fitting the corset layer of a new Elizabethian outfit.  Sometimes fittings can tickle.  Wyllow very consistently says "Elizabethian" rather than "Elizabethan" while I do the opposite, yet somehow we manage to co-exist.
Artorius looks suave and debonair after a hard evening of helping other people with their projects, while still not getting his own shield re-strapped.

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  1. Wendy's bodice looks like it's coming along great!!!!!